Costumes from Dresslily

Salı, Ekim 17, 2017

Costumes from Dresslily
   Since the Halloween is coming, you would like to have costumes in different styles. I chose costumes from Dresslily. They are stylish and mighty.

   If you want to go to a fancy dress party, you can go to party these choices. You can add some accessories. Do you like costume parties? I hope you like my choices...

High Low Two Piece Corset Dress

Lace-Up Feather Sequined Embroidered Corset

Off-The-Shoulder Mesh Lace-Up Corset Top With Sleeve

Two Piece Corset Dress with Feather

Vintage Faux Leather Lace-up Corset

High Low Two Piece Jacquard Corset Dress

Plus Size Lace-up Two Piece Corset Dress

Asymmetric Plus Size Two Piece Corset Dress

Halloween Elastic Waist Feather Skirt

Rhinestone Embellished Plus Size Maxi Dress

 You can look Dresslily for more. Loves...


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  2. hepsi güzel plus size kalsın :/ :D

  3. Şu tavuskuşu tüylü olanlar çok şekermiş :)


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